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SnailVita Gel

SnailVita Gel is an innovation in skincare. Harvested from free-roaming snails under certified organic conditions, this gel can help sooth your skin. Snail Gel is effective in softening wrinkles and smoothing skin.

  • Reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles
  • Helps to prevent stretch marks due to improved elasticity
  • Helps prevent wrinkles and aging skin due to locking in moisture
  • Aids with prevention of skin damage, scars, burns and healing
  • Smoothens, Soothes, and Softens your skin
  • Innovation in skincare
  • Say YES to clean beauty while saying NO to parabens,  Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and compromises!

This moisturising, soothing gel combines the unique properties of helix aspersa muller with organic Aloe Vera while creating a blend of bioactive plant ingredients. This gel is produced from snails that are farmed humanely under certified organic conditions and are free to roam. On their travels, they move over glass panels which are used to safely collect the mucus secretion, which is then filtered and concentrated by vacuum evaporation to reduce its water content, before a mild preservative is added to maintain its shelf life.
The snake-poison gel is the original Slovak product of a wide spectrum that uses the neurotoxic properties of the snake’s poison of the Brazilian Chestnut. Designed to massage the musculoskeletal system.

The gel is applied in: rheumatic complaints, arthritis and in general in the inflammatory processes of the joints, muscles and tendons, back pain, contusion, bruising, spasms, relaxing cured scaly skin in people with psoriasis, alleviates the symptoms of various skin problems (eczema, bruises, ..). The gel helps with expanded veins, hemorrhoids, accelerates the healing of minor surface injuries (scratches, insect stings, cuts, small burns) and is effective in herpes.


USAGE: 1-3 times a day apply a thin layer to the problem area while avoiding open wounds and mucous membranes.
CONTRAINDICATIONS: People who are allergic to animal toxins should not use this product because in rare cases skin redness can appear to people who are allergic to some of the ingredients. If that happens, please stop using the product.
COMPOSITION: Glycerin, synthetically treated rat poison, menthol, camphor, eucalyptus, menthol, arnica, calendula and benzyl alcohol, ..
PACKAGE: 600 ml



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